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Duo/Sapomix A.
Solvente enhancer to remove deep dirt during pre wash.

Duo/Sapomix B.
Reinforcer and softner for staines on the surface.


Ideal to dry clean and water clean ideal to remove the staines of sweat, urine, cafee, tea, spirits, wine, blood, fruit, grass, sugar, chocolate, medicines, etc...

Dely Silk
Special detergent to use durinng pre stain removal of dirt on silk and similar delicate fabric. Dissolves in water.


Tutto Forte Fresh
This detergent be used during pre stain removal or in the machine antistatic and softener with deocorizing effect dissolves in water.

Super Conc
Multi-purpose detergent: finishing, softener, antistatic, reviver plus cleasing agent.


Finish Sec
Ideal to removestaines after dry cleaning. Use full strenght on the stain removal air machine.

Ultra Delicato
Detergent special softener for wool and mixed wool. Providedes new suppleness and shine to fibers.


Sudor Stop
Detergent special to use during pre stain removal of sweat on silk and similar delicate fabric

Deter Killer
A revolutionary cleaning product ideal of all kinds of machines. It will protect your garments from clothers-months, ticks, fleas, mites, etc...


Universal Eco
Excellent detergent during pre stain removing and for direct use in the machine.

Forte Tapis
Concentrated cationic drycleaning detergent with strong antibacterial and antistatic action.


No Static
Antistatic for all kinds of solvents and fabrics.

Blanc W
Optic bleaching for solvents systems.


Stabilizer F3
Strong absorber of fatty acids for mantenance and care of solvents. Excellent for closed circuits.

Smacchiasol 1/2/3/4/5/6
Stain remover for spots having a particolar composition.

Foam 0
Antifoam her for solvents.

Fragranza sec ultra
Parfumed essence for solvents.

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