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Repel H20
Anti rain, hydro and oleorepellent for leather in water to use in spry.

Leather Soft 69 Furs
Water solubile softner for leather furs use and brish to apply on the hides.


Morbin Resin
Silicon baded softener for resins and pigments.

Base Nappa 58
Resin emulsifer for resined garments. Can be mixed with all pigments.


Leather Soft 69
Spray re-tanner for chamois leather water soluble.

Prolon LCT
Softner for leather, to diluite in solvent.


Nab 2082
Special spray for re-greasing for nabuk, pecari and crust.

Idropel W 101
Re-tanning agent be sprayed only on shammy leather.


Leather Base 1
Special additive for additive for re-greasing in solvent washes ideal in perchloroethylene hydrocarbons and qhite spirit.

Leather Base 2
Special additive for re-greasing in solvents wasches, ideal in perchloroethylene hydrocarbons and white spirit. Excellents during prestainremoval for leather garments gentle on color and resins, rendering all kinds of stain soluble.


Soft 2100
Polisching re greasing and softner for all kinds of furs use exclusivety in dry cleaning or leather machines.

Deter Fur
A special detergent and softner in solvent wasches ideal for all kinds of furs.


Sverniciante A/B
Paint remover for leather.

Finish Lux 100
Deep penetratine and polishing agent for pigmented leather.

Color Pell
Agent colorizing for pigmented leather, aniline, and change of paint in water.

Opacizen Beta
Opaque finishing wax.

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