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Our organization was founded by thirty years of experience in the production and sale of chemical products for use in the field of detergents in general. In assessing the various market opportunities, we start from more than a decade to produce concentrates for their local processing to finished product. The results obtained in the countries in which we operate have led us to formulate a long-range proposal, to offer the possibility for young or experienced contractors to avail with us the benefits that this opportunity can produce. In a few words, it consists to organize one or more points of production in Italy or abroad, where converge concentrated products for their transformation. To perform this type of operation, our company is obviously willing to support technically your possible initiative.We list below what you need  to start the production activity:

 n. 1 commercial fund of about 300/400 square meters equipped with electrical system,  hydraulic system and office

 n. 1 column for mixing tanks (Photo 1)

 n. 1 electric forklift (Photo 2)

 n. 1 manual forklift (Photo 2)

 n. 1 electronic or needle scale approximately 100 kg (Photo 3)

 n. 1 electronic or mechanical scale approximately 1500 kg (Photo 4)

 n. 1 shelving for tanks (Photos 5-6)

 n. 1 manual labeling


 Photo 1-Mixing Column         Photo 2- In order: scale, manual forklift, electric forklift


Photo 3- Needle scale                                                        Photo 4- Electronic scale kg 1500


 Photo 5- Shelving                                                              Photo 6- Shelving with tanks


Foto 7- Barrels of differents dimensions ( 5 kg, 10 kg, 30 kg, 60 kg, 120 kg, 200 kg)

All of this requires a very small investment. It can be drawn, employing one person for the production, about 150/200 tons per month of product, in tanks of 1000 kg., with a minimum gain of  50/100%, according to market segments, on the finished product.

The commercial markups depending on the type of products and the quality / price ratio.


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